The Canadian Newton Heath

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The Canadian Newton Heath is a takeaway in Manchester, known for its attention to detail and high quality ingredients, resulting in delicious pizzas, kebabs, burgers and calzones under the guidance of their chef and owner Peji.

Brand33 were contacted by The Canadian Newton Heath and asked to overhaul their branding, online presence and improve the ordering experience for customers placing their orders over the web. Before Brand33’s changes, customers would have to use an antiquated system with no option to pay by card. As a result, some customers would prefer to use Uber Eats or Deliveroo which take a hefty cut from each order.

Brand33’s solution was to revamp the branding in line with the quality of the food, creating a new logo and a modern trendy brand style taking influence from the Red and White of Canada, and a chargrilled black. The new ordering system supports card payments and the food is professionally shown off thanks to Brand33’s in-house photography team.